A Good Chair

Workplaces recognise the importance of good ergonomics, they can justify the cost of desks and chairs to reduce the potential for injury and insurance claims. At home we often make do with what we’ve got, but this can lead to discomfort, aching muscles, long-term injury and less effective work.

When working remotely we may not be in a position to set-up a well designed desk, but we can at least ensure we have a good chair. Even if you’re stuck working at the dining table, replacing the chair with one designed for hours of use per day will make a huge difference; and if you’re like me and space is at a premium, you can use the ergonomic chair at meal times too.

# My Experience So Far

It’s been many years since I chose to replace my dining chair with an ergonomic one. These days I use a fully adjustable gaming chair, and I invested the time to get it set-up properly for me. I first replaced my chair because the gaming chairs looked cooler, but as I’ve got older and as I spend more time sitting at a desk at home I’ve found that I am able to maintain focus for longer periods, I sit with a much better posture, and I’ve reduced my risk of longer term injuries because of this.