Onboarding COVID-19: This Gonna Be Interesting

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This article is the second in a series. Check out the first article at Onboarding COVID-19: Setting the Scene.

So, I’ve survived the first day. As expected, it was nothing like I expected.

I arrived at the office, and because so many people were working from home I ended up attending my first video call from the cafe/waiting area for the coworking space we’re based in. Half way through the call one of my coworkers turned up, so we had a bit of fun making sure we were on multiple video feeds at once.

After that I was shown where my desk is and got the few bits I’d taken with me set up (I deliberately left most of my stuff at home as I didn’t think I’d be in the office long term, and oh how right I was). I had an onboarding meeting with one of the other leads, and he then gave me a quick tour of the main facilities and we collected my access pass for the building.

Then it was off to an all-hands meeting where it was announced that from the end of that meeting we would all be working from home until further notice.

Those of us in the office chatted a bit, packed up our stuff and, just before we headed off, my new laptop arrived. Sometimes luck favours me!

On the trip home was a phone call with the Chief Product Officer to touch base and plan out some initial aspects of my onboarding; then once I got home I spent the afternoon setting up and configuring the new laptop for work.

Day one is over, nothing too exciting, but I’m sure the future will hold some interesting occurrences...