Executive Cover Letter

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I was recently asked to help someone review their resume and cover letter. During this process I felt the need to provide a sample cover letter to demonstrate how I might structure one, and to show that it isn’t necessary to rehash information that is already in a resume.

Although I started writing a letter from my own perspective, I realised this may be too specific and could also encourage a simple copy, paste, change specific words process. I ultimately decided to add some humour and fun to the letter. So, here it is, a simple cover letter for a fictitious executive level role:

To Whom it may concern,

My 25 years of experience in the heart attack industry has provided me with the diverse skill-set required for the role of Chief Potato that you advertised on Sought on Thursday, 42nd Julember 1901. From my experience as a junior potato at Brussel Sprouts Farm through to my most recent role as a Mars Bar at The Oil Refinery, I have gained knowledge of all aspects of fried food and how it can best be used to encourage artery hardening and high cholesterol.

As Chief Potato at The Oil Slick I can lead the organisation in the troubling times of veganism and animal rights. Having previously helped companies to reject canola oil and continue using animal based cooking oils I am well positioned to direct The Oil Slick in promoting bacon fat as the next big thing in dieting, and with my guidance I believe we can take on the fossil fuel industry in supplying fuel for cars.

I look forward to discussing my suitability for this position with you in greater detail over a Paralyser burger at Anurisms’R’Us on Friday. Please call me on 0400 123 456 to let me know what flavour of milkshake you would like with your burger.

Yours sincerely,