Certification: Agile at Work: Getting Better With Agile Retrospectives

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An agile retrospective allows a team to continuously improve and get better together. This simple practice lets members step back from the day-to-day challenges with product delivery. Instead they focus on the team. “What are we doing well? What can we do better?” The answers to these questions help the team create a more agile mindset. They will be self-organized and more productive. Instead of a postmortem at the end of the project, they will have health checks throughout the project. In this course, agile expert Doug Rose outlines the five phases of a helpful retrospective: setting the right direction, getting all of the issues on the table, gathering insights from the team, making decisions, and finally, applying the changes. He uses starfish and PANCAKE diagrams to identify challenges and opportunities for process improvement, and shows how to close a retrospective with clear action items.

Watch and learn agile project management techniques to assess your project today, and get back on track for tomorrow.