Certification: Chief Technology Officer Career Guide

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Chief technology officers (CTOs) shape both what a company makes and the culture in which it’s made. Along with providing innovative solutions and building stellar products on time and on budget, CTOs must curate a solid engineering team and spread the good word about the technology they help to create. In this course, Drew Falkman, who has been a CTO at several companies, shares his hard-won understanding of what great CTOs are made of. Unlike other technical roles — which can be quite solitary — CTOs must excel at working with and motivating others. Drew begins the course by sharing management tips and techniques, including how to hire a great team, create a healthy corporate culture, enhance team communications, and get rid of toxic employees. Next, he covers product and project management—explaining how to guide an efficient product life cycle—and examines technology challenges like choosing a platform and supporting research and development. As many potential CTOs are more comfortable diving into the nitty-gritty of a tech issue than taking the podium at a meeting or conference, Drew makes sure to clearly and effectively cover the communication, marketing, and entrepreneurial nature of the job. Learn how to enhance your public speaking skills, run efficient meetings, help with product launches, navigate the world of finance, and more.